Care & Wear

Since the chemical composition of latex rubber is rather weak and its elasticity quite limited, all latex fashion requires special care and handling to avoid tearing. Skin care is a very important element of hygiene, because a healthy skin reduces the risk of infections and allergies. Avoid using greasy or oily skin care products, which may deteriorate the quality of your latex wear and rinse them off right away after use with warm water in order to limit its exposure to any corroding substances.

While getting dressed in a skin-tight outfit, try to be very gentle by gripping the latex carefully with the inside of your fingers - avoiding finger nails and any sharp edges - and by pulling it carefully along a wider surface. Here are some other practical hints:

  1. The friction of latex rubber on dry skin can be eased by applying talcum powder to the inside of clothing. The disadvantages are potential itching and ugly traces from "run-offs" of the milky mix of the powder film with sweat and other bodily fluids.

  2. Some fetishists get dressed in the shower, but a good alternative is lubricating the inside of latex clothing with (grease-free) silicon or various rubber care emulsions available at auto supply shops or through fetish distributors. The slippery surface eases the dressing procedure dramatically and allows gliding into the latex garments.

  3. A simple trick to handle gloves and stockings in the process of getting dressed or cleaning them: Blow into the items like you do to inflate a balloon. The same can be done to assist someone with a skin-tight cat-suit or similar dress with tight long sleeves - just blow into the sleeve and any creases with straighten out.

  4. Undressing requires the same care to take a tight outfit off without risking any tears. Avoid pulling too hard on any particular spot! The best way: Take a shower and let the water run between skin and rubber layer to peal out of it. - Attention, slippery when wet!