Clean & Polish

Clean & Polish
It is highly recommended to clean latex immediately and every time after being used to get rid of destructive oil, grease, sweat and dirt. While taking an outfit off in the shower, one may as well wash the garments with a mild shampoo or skin-friendly detergent and rinse it off with lukewarm water. Afterwards, the wet latex wear and gear can be laid out on towels to dry then turned after a while.

Hard water requires gentle drying of the latex with a towel to avoid any calcium stains. For a more thorough cleaning, there are a few special latex cleaning fluids on the market. The best is a disinfectant solution developed to wash, sanitize and deodorize any rubber and plastic items used for medical purposes. ProLatex will shortly start distributing a special fetish edition of this product.

Most rubber fetishists like to polish their latex wardrobe to preserve or improve the shiny appearance, a fascinating visual element of its fetish allure. Special silicon-based sprays and other rubber polish emulsions are on the market not only to get the desired shine, but also to cleanse and condition the latex - keeping it soft and supple. Always check that the selected product is non allergenic, doesn't get the latex sticky (no oil-based polish), doesn't cause stains and is free of any harmful ingredients. There are different types of polish:

  1. Basic rubber & vinyl care products are available in hardware stores or automotive shops (Armor All, 'Son of a Gun' a.o.). Some similar (milky) rubber emulsions on the market are specifically mixed to treat fetish wear and gear. These solutions must be applied gently with a sponge or lent-free cloth and - after letting it dry - it has to be polished by hand with a clean soft towel or tissues.
  2. Silicon-based and similar shining sprays are easier and therefore quicker to be applied, specifically on larger latex surfaces. Usually, they don't require additional polishing by hand and automatically retain the shine for an extended period of time. ProLatex carries two different brands: Latexa Star Shine Spray (article nr. 1003) and EROS Cult Shining Spray made by pjur (article nr. 1007).
  3. Excellent results are achieved without manual polishing by using a water-soluble silicone like "Vivishine" (produced in Germany). This specifically for fetish rubber wear developed product can be added to a few litres of lukewarm water (1-2 tea spoons). The cleaned items are simply dipped in it for a while then pulled out and hung up to dry. That's all there is to get a long-lasting glossy shine and durable protection! ProLatex is planning to add Vivishine to its UK product line in the near future - with English instructions.