Hints & Tips

Hints & Tips
Here are some additional hints for rubber lovers to check out and a few other useful tips to further enhance the fetish fashion fun:

  1. Sunlight: Avoid extended exposure of latex wear and gear to sun light, because UV rays will damage it in the long run. Nevertheless, occasional wearing of latex fashion outdoors is not a critical issue and can still be enjoyed.

  2. Metals: It's important to prevent latex from getting in contact with metal items (specifically non-ferrous metals), which can cause ugly and permanent discolouring - primarily with transparent latex and for rubber articles in bright colours.

  3. Stockings: Even attached with suspenders or to a garter belt, latex stockings may have a tendency to roll or slip downwards. This can be prevented by dampening them on the inside (top 10-12 cm).

  4. Liquid Latex: Latex can be painted in liquid form directly onto the body. Be aware that removing a full-body outfit made of liquid latex may result in substantial hair removal, unless all contacted skin is carefully prepared in advance to avoid a "body wax". Liquid latex is used as well to close seams while creating latex clothing. ProLatex has liquid latex available in 12 colours (article nr. 1005).

  5. Chlorine: A special method of permanently reducing or eliminating the high friction of latex on bare skin is by chlorinating the rubber. A chemical reaction of hydrochloric acid with sodium hypochlorite generates the chlorine in form of a gas, which bonds to the first few molecules on the surface of latex and transforms it from "isoprene" into a more durable "neoprene". This process does not diminish its strength nor does it affect non-metallic colours, but it's complicated, rather time consuming and also requires special expertise!