Our Company Profile

Our Company Profile

The London-based company ProLatex Ltd., founded in January 2008 and geared towards the UK market, is managed by Tony, a seasoned Swiss rubber enthusiast with over 40 years of experience in the international fetish world. After his early retirement as US travel executive, he teamed up with the well established German fetish manufacturer LATEXA GmbH to open new distribution channels for their extensive line-up of quality latex fashion and bizarre rubber gear.

The connection between the Latexa brand and its contracted UK partner goes back to the early 1980ies, when Tony emigrated to the New York area and started - in tandem with the famous Mistress MIR - to import fetish wear in North America via Eccentric Fashion, one of the pioneers among early fetish distributors. Finally, he turned his lifetime "hobby" into a new business venture, after realizing that there is not a single UK fetish outlet offering the entire range of over 500 different Latexa products, neither in stores nor online - an opportunity to fill a market niche in a mid-range with a very attractive price-quality ratio.

Mission and primary Focus

The mission of this new rubber fetish distributor is stated accordingly, says Tony, who developed a comprehensive business plan: "ProLatex focuses on the Latexa brand with its excellent reputation in the Fetish world to match our commitment and dedication to provide customer satisfaction. With Latexa's advanced production technologies and its strong logistics setup, we can offer high quality products in a short time at attractive prices."

At the beginning of April 2008, the operation switched to new premises, where a small showroom is available for personal visits (by appointment only). The primary focus will be on direct online distribution but also on developing a personalized service to cater to the needs of established Rubber Mistresses with own studios and related web sites. ProLatex occasionally takes part at some of the monthly fetish fairs in the London area to test the market with special sample sales.

A Pioneer in the Fetish World

LATEXA was founded in Denmark in 1967 by an enterprising engineer and is well known since the 1970ies for its moulded rubber wear. This company pioneered the industrial production of rubber panties, gloves, stockings, hoods and many gadgets for fetish lovers. LATEXA is established for over 40 years as a leading brand for quality latex fashion & bizarre rubber gear.

Several years ago, LATEXA changed ownership and the new management stream-lined its operation. The manufacturing plant is based in Poland (Gdansk) and staffed with a team of some 40 well trained latex designers and producers. LATEXA's head office and distribution centre is in Flensburg, Northern Germany, where all orders for ProLatex customers are filled.

Efficient production and distribution

Through an advanced production technology and a very strong logistics set-up, LATEXA delivers high quality products within a short time and at competitive prices. The brand is well known throughout the international Fetish world and the LATEXA team is dedicated to serve clients on all continents. ProLatex is very proud to be affiliated with this company and strives to become one of their leading distributors throughout the UK and beyond.